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Open Auditions for Melodrama

"Patricia & Susanne's Melodramatic Society" is holding open auditions for the melodrama "Trapped in a Villian's Web or Weave Me A Loan". Auditions will be held at Westview Baptist Church, 1325 S. Meridian at 7pm on Tuesday, Sep. 13th. We are looking to fill 4 male and 9 female roles with experienced stage actors. Performance dates are Oct. 20-29th at Cowtown. This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. Commment or email if you have any questions.
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Saturday November 13th at 9pm.
Techno at The Lizard Lounge, 300 S Greenwich (just North of Kellogg on Greenwich, behind Two Brothers BBQ)
Special DJ's: POWERLIFTER, CutterJ , The Absurdist, Bootstrap Bill
Benefit for Chris "DJ Lord Craine" Hellberg
$5 cover
Pretender-Parker lonely
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Asking for a few suggestions...

My birthday is this week but since I have to work on the actual day, I'm celebrating it on Labor Day. I'm looking for some artsy/cultural/historic-type activities to do that are a little off the beaten path. The art museum and Sedgwick Co. museum are great, but I'd like to do something new. I'm willing to drive around 30 minutes from Wichita if you know of something outside of the city. Help me start my next year off with some great experiences!
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Chemical Reaction 2 presents "an audio and visual experience" .
Fire spinners, go-go dancers (what does that even mean?!), UV body painting, interactive UV drums, lazers, and other stuff one would find at an outdoor rave.
All ages. $5 before 10pm (price after 10 not on flyer), no one admitted after 1am, open til 6am.




BYOB, chairs, coolers, blankets.

The Zombielands
7650 N Hydraulic Ave
Wichita, KS
Boom De Adda

Things to do!

Hey Techno fans, First Friday has something for you!
Come join us at Club Whisper, 7007 East Harry on July 2nd. $2 cover.
There will be some visiting DJ's mixed in with local favorites. Good music, lights, and poi! Come dance, or come sit back and watch the show!

Museum Passes

Did you know that you can "check out" museum passes from the Andover Public Library? AND you don't have to be an Andover resident to get a card!! You can get into places like the Exploration Place and the Zoo for free!!! I'm so excited!!

Museum Pass

Good banks in the area

Hi there! I hope people still use this group. I am looking for a bank to start an account with. I've asked a few friends but they're options differed a great deal. What I am looking for in a bank and or credit union is:

Free checking
atms around the city
If I place money in the bank, I would like to be able to get to it withing a day or so.

I think that's all I am looking for.

Thanks for any help!